I’ma Luigi, Numbah One!

My Super Mario collage was feeling lonely, especially since I sold Bowser, so I gave him a brother. Here is Luigi, 24×24″ made of a bunch of random comic books, Wizard magazine, and some other random papery things, like a box of Goobers from the movie theatre from November when I took the family to see Trolls.

MINI-MOVIE REVIEW: Bright, colorful and fun. Literally and figuratively. Terrific story and soundtrack adults will appreciate. I would gladly add this to our home rotation, which currently consists of Frozen, Tangled, and Barbie Spy Squad.


Super Mario

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.15.23 PM

I’ve been chipping away at this 24×24″ collage for months, maybe since February or so. I used a ton of shitty, old comics that would otherwise serve no purpose in this world. Comics like Wild Thing from Marvel UK, and Clive Barker’s Hyperkind, from Marvel’s Razorline imprint. Basically, a lot of forgettable early 90s comics. There’s also some Comic Shop News bits in here, as well as the cover to a brochure for Stony Brook University, which I’m not entirely sure why I own in the first place.

I’m not sure what my next collage will be, but I’ve got a short list of cereal mascots – Lucky, the Trix Rabbit and Sonny (from Cocoa Puffs) – and other Mario characters –Luigi, Dry Bones, Toad, Bowser, the Koopa Kids – I’d like to explore.

Badass New Jersey: Day #14

I’ma Luigi! Numba one!

This guy would fit in ANYWHERE in Essex, Bergen or Passaic counties.LuigiHere’s his brother, Mario, created in Week 1, who was the badass of the day for either #5, 6 or 7, the three days I didn’t post here. (I did have creations for each of those days:

MarioHere’s one of the other three badasses I created but never chronicled here last week. (I’ve been more diligent on Tumblr and Facebook.)

Indiana Jones

Super Mario Bros in “Koopa Soupa”

Koopa Soupa
16″ x20″

The second of my two Mario portraits for a Hanukah commission. It’s funny; I made three Super Mario Bros pieces, and all of them revolve around food: s’mores, a hoagie, and now this steaming pot of Koopa soupa. That wasn’t a conscious decision, but I guess my innate love/obsession of food comes shining through here. Continue reading Super Mario Bros in “Koopa Soupa”

The Mario Bros in “Italian Hero”

ItalianHeroOne of the two commissioned pieces I needed to get out of the way last week. I was originally asked to paint “two poses of the Mario Bros,” deliverable by Christmas. No problem… I had ample time. Continue reading The Mario Bros in “Italian Hero”

Nintendo Watercolors: Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, RC Pro-Am, Bubble Bobble

I shared two of my four Hurricane Sandy Nintendo cartridge watercolors a couple weeks back. Here are the other two – Bubble Bobble and Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt – as well as a new one I painted last week: R.C. Pro-Am.

All of these games are absolute classics. There really isn’t much else to say on that front. Continue reading Nintendo Watercolors: Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, RC Pro-Am, Bubble Bobble

Super Mario Bros Campfire (20″ x 16″)

This here is a commission, the request being that I paint the Super Mario Bros. I had nothing more to go on than that, and frankly, I didn’t want any. Much like the “beach scene” I was commissioned to paint last year – whoa, that debuted on the site a year ago TO THE DAY! …weird – I like the faint suggestion of subject matter with the freedom to do whatever I want thereafter.

Continue reading Super Mario Bros Campfire (20″ x 16″)