Chicago Pantone Map

In time Easter, this Pantone map of Chicago looks like a horribly deformed (albeit lovely-colored) Easter egg.

Chicago Pantone Map

For you typography nerds out there, I’ve used the NHL Edge and Radio fonts for the text and coordinates, respectively.

The map is available here.

Happy Easter.

MAPTIME: Vancouver

Oof. This one was a dooooooozy.

Vancouver MapSo after home (Wildwood) and the place where the bulk of my adult life events have occurred (New York City), why would I tackle somewhere as random as Vancouver to design a map?

SHAMELESS PLUG: New York maps here! Get your New York maps here!

Because I love that place. My perceptions is totally skewed, because I was working at the 2010 Olympics my one and only time in Hollywood North. (Seriously, they call it that sometimes.) Because of that, I kinda never want to go back. It would be like trying to reconnect with that girl you met on the cruise that one time, but three years after the fact. The magic of the moment is gone… (In my case, I think that girl was a waitress named Marjorie, and the time was the NHL All-Star Game in Mar…LOL, I almost wrote Marjorie again. I meant Montreal. The NHL All-Star Game in Montreal.)Vancouver Compass

Back to the ‘Couv map. (Absolutely no one other than me ever calls it “The ‘Couv.”) The northern strip of land is North Vancouver. The southern part is Vancouver proper, and neighboring Burnaby (home of Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche legend Joe Sakic). The highlighted portion features the excitingest part of the city: Downtown, Yaletown, Gastown, as well as the West End, Davie Village and Stanley Park. This is where the bulk of 2010 Olympics occurred, both in competition and extracurriculars. Try a Japadog if you ever go. (They have these in NYC now, but it’s not the same, even if it is.)Vancouver

The colors and font call out the hometown team, the Vancouver Canucks. If you’re down with that sort of thing, you can pick up a copy of your own (at 18″x27 or 24″x36″) here.


New York CityI’ve usually got a Muppet painting to showcase in this space, but with the anarchy I call my final summer before adulthood (re: fatherhood), things tend to get a little out of whack, and I’ve got no new paintings to share. So Muppet Monday becomes Mappit Monday, where I show off my latest artistic fetish, making maps. Last week’s Wildwood maps were the prototypes, and today’s New York City is the real deal Holyfield.

I spent at least 48 hours adding the roads (which I see every time I close my eyes) of Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and a healthy chunk of northern New Jersey before coloring the individual city blocks of the big island. Prints are available at the Etsy shop for a measly $10. Ten bucks That’s it. Its the cost of one cocktail in the City.

Many more of these maps will be coming in the future. Off the top of my head, in addition to cleaning up the Wildwood map, I’m already underway with a Vancouver map. Then Boston. Then I will collapse.

The following gallery shows the progression of building out the roads of New Jersey:

MAPS: Wildwood II

This one’s a digital version of yesterday’s map, using Pantone colors. There’s still a little work to do here, but it’s only a test run for the big’un… New York City.Wildwoods

Carolina Breakfast

The Carolina Hurricanes’ mascot is a pig named Stormy. I think its a reference to Carolina being some kind of barbeque mecca, thought I have no idea how true that is. I’m a Texas guy myself. (The word is more commonly spelled “barbecue,” but I like “barbeque” better, because it validates the “Q” in “BBQ.”) Well, whatever the case, it only made sense to use bacon as my primary ingredient the Hurricanes Foogo, which was created sometime in mid-January. Continue reading Carolina Breakfast