Chicago Pantone Map

In time Easter, this Pantone map of Chicago looks like a horribly deformed (albeit lovely-colored) Easter egg. For you typography nerds out there, I’ve used the NHL Edge and Radio fonts for the text and coordinates, respectively. The map is available here. Happy Easter. Advertisements

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JERSEY RULES! Yellow Pages Collage

1. JERSEY RULES! Let’s just establish that right off the bat. 2. The Yellow Pages… is there a more useless publication circulating today? I would say… YES, there is, because I have turned this dandelion-hued trash into greenback treasure. 3. I fell in love with the notion before building the piece, and now that it’s […]

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MAPTIME: Coney Island

Happy 4th of July (tomorrow)! TANGENT: I was originally going to publish this to coincide with the holiday, but for the love of god, don’t be at the computer on 4th of July, Americans! Go outside! Barbeque! Beach! Pool! Water park! Six Flags! Oh my!) What symbolizes America’s independence more than a bunch of fucking […]

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MAPTIME: Vancouver

Oof. This one was a dooooooozy. So after home (Wildwood) and the place where the bulk of my adult life events have occurred (New York City), why would I tackle somewhere as random as Vancouver to design a map? SHAMELESS PLUG: New York maps here! Get your New York maps here! Because I love that […]

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MAPS: Wildwood

I thought I was so fucking brilliant for coming with this idea to recreate maps of places dear to my heart. I’m about half-done with a map of Manhattan and I walk into someone’s office at work, and there is my map, completed and on her wall… She said she saw something like that online […]

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Happy Birthday, Foogos!

Today is Foogos’ birthday. One year ago today, I splattered a couple bottles of ketchup, mustard and mustard (don’t forget the duck sauce over China) onto a sheet of foam core to create a map of the world. Kind of ironic. I mean, splattering sauce is how people are conceived, too. Sorta. Without International Food […]

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