Chicago Pantone Map

In time Easter, this Pantone map of Chicago looks like a horribly deformed (albeit lovely-colored) Easter egg.

Chicago Pantone Map

For you typography nerds out there, I’ve used the NHL Edge and Radio fonts for the text and coordinates, respectively.

The map is available here.

Happy Easter.

JERSEY RULES! Yellow Pages Collage

1. JERSEY RULES! Let’s just establish that right off the bat.

2. The Yellow Pages… is there a more useless publication circulating today? I would say… YES, there is, because I have turned this dandelion-hued trash into greenback treasure.Jersey Rules!

3. I fell in love with the notion before building the piece, and now that it’s out there, I think there’s some legs to this. My predominantly Jersey-centric Facebook friends liked it, and I’ve already sold the piece over at my Etsy shop.

4. I used the restaurant section of the Yellow Pages to make this NJ silhouette. Everybody loves food, so it’s better to look at a piece like this and see familiar eateries than say… lawyers or exterminators.

5. If you’d like to donate a phone book from your home state, email me. We’ll work something out where you get your own original home state piece like this Jersey version. Only it won’t be as good because JERSEY RULES!

MAPTIME: Coney Island

Happy 4th of July (tomorrow)!

TANGENT: I was originally going to publish this to coincide with the holiday, but for the love of god, don’t be at the computer on 4th of July, Americans! Go outside! Barbeque! Beach! Pool! Water park! Six Flags! Oh my!)

Coney IslandWhat symbolizes America’s independence more than a bunch of fucking slobs stuffing their gluttonous faces with snouts and assholes (aka hot dogs) on national TV for a cash prize? Nothing. That’s what. And that’s what the Washingtons, Jeffersons, Adamses and Henrys fought and politicked for back in the 70s. (The 1770s.)

But although this is isn’t a Nathan’s Famous inspired Foogos (been a while, eh?) it IS a map of the infamous hot dog competition’s base: Coney Island.

The condiment compass
The condiment compass

I made the compass specifically for this map. I want to add some variety to these maps beyond the inherent difference the locations themselves bring. As much as I love the Radio font used for the New York City poster, it doesn’t fit with every city (or neighborhood, in this case), so I try to personalize that as well in some way. With Coney, I went with a carnie-ish font called Circustime, and went with the more hipster-friendly Code for the subhead.
Coney IslandLike the other maps, if you’re into designy things that are essentially non-essential (how’s that for a hard sell? No wonder I’m not a billionaire…) this map is for you, and available on the Etsy. Because I lied; there is ONE thing more American than eating as many hot dogs as you can, and that’s making as many dollars as you can. Quite frankly, (ha, franks, get it?), I’m not great at either…

MAPTIME: Vancouver

Oof. This one was a dooooooozy.

Vancouver MapSo after home (Wildwood) and the place where the bulk of my adult life events have occurred (New York City), why would I tackle somewhere as random as Vancouver to design a map?

SHAMELESS PLUG: New York maps here! Get your New York maps here!

Because I love that place. My perceptions is totally skewed, because I was working at the 2010 Olympics my one and only time in Hollywood North. (Seriously, they call it that sometimes.) Because of that, I kinda never want to go back. It would be like trying to reconnect with that girl you met on the cruise that one time, but three years after the fact. The magic of the moment is gone… (In my case, I think that girl was a waitress named Marjorie, and the time was the NHL All-Star Game in Mar…LOL, I almost wrote Marjorie again. I meant Montreal. The NHL All-Star Game in Montreal.)Vancouver Compass

Back to the ‘Couv map. (Absolutely no one other than me ever calls it “The ‘Couv.”) The northern strip of land is North Vancouver. The southern part is Vancouver proper, and neighboring Burnaby (home of Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche legend Joe Sakic). The highlighted portion features the excitingest part of the city: Downtown, Yaletown, Gastown, as well as the West End, Davie Village and Stanley Park. This is where the bulk of 2010 Olympics occurred, both in competition and extracurriculars. Try a Japadog if you ever go. (They have these in NYC now, but it’s not the same, even if it is.)Vancouver

The colors and font call out the hometown team, the Vancouver Canucks. If you’re down with that sort of thing, you can pick up a copy of your own (at 18″x27 or 24″x36″) here.

MAPS: Wildwood

WildwoodI thought I was so fucking brilliant for coming with this idea to recreate maps of places dear to my heart. I’m about half-done with a map of Manhattan and I walk into someone’s office at work, and there is my map, completed and on her wall… She said she saw something like that online and rather than pay for it, she made it herself. So now at least TWO people have thwarted my plans.

I know there’s more than one way to skin a cat, but for the love of God my idea is the EXACT SAME EXECUTION as this pre-existing notion. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS. Anyway, to differentiate my maps from this other person’s ideas, I have some insane, grandiose plot for Maphattan now, and there is a 75% chance its going to look like absolute dagshit. (Not dogshit, but dagshit. Dagshit is about twelve times worse than dogshit.)

And here’s the first map of my hometown island on the Jersey coast (which is not the same execution as Maphattan).Wildwood

24x24 ink on paper
24×24 ink on paper

Happy Birthday, Foogos!

Today is Foogos’ birthday. One year ago today, I splattered a couple bottles of ketchup, mustard and mustard (don’t forget the duck sauce over China) onto a sheet of foam core to create a map of the world.

Kind of ironic. I mean, splattering sauce is how people are conceived, too. Sorta.

Without International Food Day, there is no NHL Foogos, no Lady Gaga portrait, no Sidney Wah Wah Crosby portrait. (Seriously, that sucks about the concussion, bro. Get well, but during the summer, and only for the summer, every summer, forever. Claude Giroux, come back soon, buddy! You are missed!)

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