King and Queen


I’ve had the idea to draw this for a while now. Originally, I wanted to draw a 3D cube type of thang, include Prince’s face on the third facet, and call it “The Royal Family.”

“King and Queen” is an ink drawing is on 11×14″ Strathmore mixed media paper.

The most fun with this was that I’d fill in the heavy blacks while my daughter sat next to me and scribbled in her Hello, Kitty coloring book (or, more likely, when she roamed the house and scribbled on the walls). I really relish those quiet moments with my Mon Chi Chi. (I also relish the loud, insane moments that occupy the other 99% of our time together, most of which include some combination of Batman stickers, Minions Play-Doh or putting diapers on Minnie Mouse.)

And I think we’re gonna have more of these quiet drawing moments coming up, because why not make a few more of these, a series I’m tentatively calling, “Oh,. I misunderstood What You Meant.”

Other potential franken-mash-ups could include titles like Strawberry Juice, Strawberry Fields, Black and Tan, and Fresh Kill. Feel free to guess what pop culture icons (real or fictional) would occupy each of those, and also suggests some other fun wordplay mash-ups.

Lila Sketches

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I drew these for my parents, both grandmothers and my in-laws as Christmas gifts. (I also framed the final pieces.) These four sketches are of my little Monchichi.Lila III Lila IV Lila Lila IIEach of these is 9×12 ink on mixed media paper. The painterly looking one is an ink wash. They depict the Bean at various cute moments over the past year. The last one is my favorite.

Real Life X-Men: Magma

MagmaI was going through some new comics a few weeks ago and was annoyed that every character looked IDENTICAL to each other, only their clothes/costumes or wacky hair color distinguishing them from each other. If this was a black-and-white comic about Red Lobster employees, I’d never be able to tell anyone apart!

Why can’t artists take the time to draw their characters differently? It used to happen! In the late 70s and early 80s, every X-Man had distinguishing features. Wolverine was a solid foot shorter than everyone. Storm had big eyes. Cannonball had monster ears. Moonstar had a very broad, right angled nose. Save for a few artists, no one acknowledges these differences anymore.  Continue reading Real Life X-Men: Magma

Watermelon Surfer Banana

Pencil, ink, watercolor pencil

I had a gnarly fever last Sunday. This is what happened on paper as a result.