King and Queen


I’ve had the idea to draw this for a while now. Originally, I wanted to draw a 3D cube type of thang, include Prince’s face on the third facet, and call it “The Royal Family.”

“King and Queen” is an ink drawing is on 11×14″ Strathmore mixed media paper.

The most fun with this was that I’d fill in the heavy blacks while my daughter sat next to me and scribbled in her Hello, Kitty coloring book (or, more likely, when she roamed the house and scribbled on the walls). I really relish those quiet moments with my Mon Chi Chi. (I also relish the loud, insane moments that occupy the other 99% of our time together, most of which include some combination of Batman stickers, Minions Play-Doh or putting diapers on Minnie Mouse.)

And I think we’re gonna have more of these quiet drawing moments coming up, because why not make a few more of these, a series I’m tentatively calling, “Oh,. I misunderstood What You Meant.”

Other potential franken-mash-ups could include titles like Strawberry Juice, Strawberry Fields, Black and Tan, and Fresh Kill. Feel free to guess what pop culture icons (real or fictional) would occupy each of those, and also suggests some other fun wordplay mash-ups.

Alfred Hitchcock Sketch


Practicing for some other work I want to get into. I’ve had Copic markers for years and never used them. Also have a bunch of nice mixed media paper. Nice and heavy. I’d like to make some ink washes to put both of these materials to good use.

The Uncanny Eggs Men vs Eggneto

I’ve been bitten by some sort of creative bug – hopefully radioactive – so I haven’t had time to blather on about random pop cultury things that inspire me.

One of these ideas I’ve had is the creation of the Uncanny Eggs Men. I don’t remember how the idea struck me, but suddenly, there it was. And here it is: Continue reading The Uncanny Eggs Men vs Eggneto

Darth Maul Sketch

I’m in the midst of an international food coma after Thursday’s big eating extravaganza. I got less than no work done after enough lunch to feed a small nation. For some reason, these conditions of malaise, inertia and tryptophan put me in a sketching mood.

Unlike the other sketches I’ve done, I had no thoughts of turning this Darth Maul drawing into a Foogos portrait, but looking at it now, why the hell not? This might be cool in M&Ms. Continue reading Darth Maul Sketch

Kevin Smith Sketch

So many projects in various stages… Here’s the first sketch I did for a Kevin Smith portrait. It needs some work, but it’s the right track. I already have the medium (it won’t be condiments) I plan on using in mind. We’ll see how this goes.

Kevin Smith sketch #1

Incidentally, if you have no plans on this Halloween Saturday night, check out Kevin’s Red State on Netflix, or however you rent your movies. It’s starts off the way you’d expect a classic teen slasher flick to go, but takes sudden, sharp turns before coming to an abrupt halt. Kinda like a good coaster. Red State has been labeled a “political horror,” and the scariness is how close to truth this piece of fiction really is.

This film was the first Hollywood project I ever worked on, and after being on set every day of the shoot, I’ve developed a bit of an attachment to this little flick. Check it out and leave a comment here with what you thought. I’m curious to hear people’s opinions on this one.

The Making Of: Pee-Wee Portrait

Y’know, I really wanted to do a time lapse video for the Lady Gaga and Pee-Wee Herman Foogos I made this week. In classic Scott fashion, I forgot my video camera when I went to the Mountain Lakes Market. So I did the next best thing and took some pics during the making of the Pee-Wee Herman portrait.

Before I get into that though, a quick explanation. To start, I found a photo I wanted to use for both Gaga and Pee-Wee. I then sketched a few thumbnails of each photo to get the general gist of the shapes. Then I go big, and draw a loose sketch one last time to full size, about 20×20. There are a ton of lines on these dirty sketches, and to save myself some confusion, I trace the final drawing on a piece of wax paper superimposed over the original dirty sketch. Boom. There is the basis for which I add the condiments. (I think comic book artists do something similar, but I’m not positive.)

Not only is wax paper good to use for tracing over my old drawings, it never absorbs the condiments. Regular paper would soak in all the sauces and leave a disgusting mess, making it impossible to use the condiments again. And that’s just wasteful.

On with the show:

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Tomas Goutersven protects your punch