Deflated Ego

Let’s talk about deflated egos. This afternoon, I was finishing up my latest NHL goalie sketch at my timeshare, the good ole Long Island Railroad, and the conductor, who looked a little like Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus, punches my ticket and says, “Is that your dog in a football helmet?” By the way, this […]

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Artistic Frustrations

Eleven years ago, a co-worker told me I needed to focus on one aspect of design – typography, illustration, retouching, etc – and push forward with that one thing. In some ways, that person was right, because I’d probably be way further along in my career. Eleven years later, I could very well be the […]

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King and Queen

I’ve had the idea to draw this for a while now. Originally, I wanted to draw a 3D cube type of thang, include Prince’s face on the third facet, and call it “The Royal Family.” “King and Queen” is an ink drawing is on 11×14″ Strathmore mixed media paper. The most fun with this was that I’d fill in […]

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Alfred Hitchcock Sketch

Practicing for some other work I want to get into. I’ve had Copic markers for years and never used them. Also have a bunch of nice mixed media paper. Nice and heavy. I’d like to make some ink washes to put both of these materials to good use.

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The Uncanny Eggs Men vs Eggneto

I’ve been bitten by some sort of creative bug – hopefully radioactive – so I haven’t had time to blather on about random pop cultury things that inspire me. One of these ideas I’ve had is the creation of the Uncanny Eggs Men. I don’t remember how the idea struck me, but suddenly, there it […]

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Darth Maul Sketch

I’m in the midst of an international food coma after Thursday’s big eating extravaganza. I got less than no work done after enough lunch to feed a small nation. For some reason, these conditions of malaise, inertia and tryptophan put me in a sketching mood. Unlike the other sketches I’ve done, I had no thoughts […]

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Kevin Smith Sketch

So many projects in various stages… Here’s the first sketch I did for a Kevin Smith portrait. It needs some work, but it’s the right track. I already have the medium (it won’t be condiments) I plan on using in mind. We’ll see how this goes. Incidentally, if you have no plans on this Halloween […]

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