All X-Men!

This has been the greatest creative undertaking of my life. Every character to ever appear in Uncanny X-Men, 2,535 in all over 545 issues spanning from 1963-2011. See them all at and click away.   Advertisements

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In response to my Super Mario collage from a few months back, here’s Bowser, made from a bunch of reaaaaaaaaaaaaally shitty comics, old Wizard magazines and Comic Shop News. Yesterday morning, my almost-three-year-old asked me if she could help. “Daddy, can I glooooooo it, too?” So I had her tie up some loose ends on […]

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Super Mario

I’ve been chipping away at this 24×24″ collage for months, maybe since February or so. I used a ton of shitty, old comics that would otherwise serve no purpose in this world. Comics like Wild Thing from Marvel UK, and Clive Barker’s Hyperkind, from Marvel’s Razorline imprint. Basically, a lot of forgettable early 90s comics. There’s […]

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Iron Man as New Jersey

I used to be a great drinker. I don’t do many elicit or illegal or even mildly hazardous activities anymore, but I did have two glasses of wine at work just now and sweet maple syrup, do I feel wobbly. And in that time, I also painted/drew this commissioned Iron Man as New Jersey. (11×14″, […]

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22×11.5″ Avengers USA (2015)

Brand spanking new Avengers flag made from pretty much older scraps of comics I cut out over the past two years. A lot of my original flags were too loose with the lines delineating red and white, so I’m going back to fix them up, because I plan on hitting the convention circuit in 2016, […]

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Fantoastic Four

So I’m thinking, you know what the world needs? A Fantastic Four reboot. . . . Hear me out. August’s trainwreck was a $120M abortion. The next FF won’t ever command that kind of allowance. So let’s say $25M. Give me $25M, FOX, and I will see what I can do. The first place to make some […]

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