Pyrography Experimentation

I’ve been messing with pyrog… pylagra… pynography… pyrorororography… wood burning. I’ve been messing with wood burning lately. A few months ago, I swiped a palette that was dangerously close to a dumpster, so I assumed it was trash, and tossed it into my trunk. I powerwashed it at home, and cut into smaller boards, and made […]

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Deflated Ego

Let’s talk about deflated egos. This afternoon, I was finishing up my latest NHL goalie sketch at my timeshare, the good ole Long Island Railroad, and the conductor, who looked a little like Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus, punches my ticket and says, “Is that your dog in a football helmet?” By the way, this […]

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I’ma Luigi, Numbah One!

My Super Mario collage was feeling lonely, especially since I sold Bowser, so I gave him a brother. Here is Luigi, 24×24″ made of a bunch of random comic books, Wizard magazine, and some other random papery things, like a box of Goobers from the movie theatre from November when I took the family to […]

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In response to my Super Mario collage from a few months back, here’s Bowser, made from a bunch of reaaaaaaaaaaaaally shitty comics, old Wizard magazines and Comic Shop News. Yesterday morning, my almost-three-year-old asked me if she could help. “Daddy, can I glooooooo it, too?” So I had her tie up some loose ends on […]

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Chicago Pantone Map

In time Easter, this Pantone map of Chicago looks like a horribly deformed (albeit lovely-colored) Easter egg. For you typography nerds out there, I’ve used the NHL Edge and Radio fonts for the text and coordinates, respectively. The map is available here. Happy Easter.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from me and my pal Boo Berry. Here he is, shaped like Minnesota, home of General Mills, the company that makes Monster Cereals. Paul Frees was the voice actor who voiced Boo, impersonating Peter Lorre. Frees died November 2, 1986, coincidentally, the Day of the Dead. You probably don’t know Frees by name, […]

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Art Sale

Hey kids. Public Service Announcement: Visit the store and use the promo code BLACK for 20% OFF your order of $10 or more through Saturday.

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