Deadpool, Canadian Icon


Going back to Canada for this Deadpool flag. The Merc with a Mouth is originally from the Great White North in the comics, although Wade Wilson being a crazyman and all that, even that origin has been called into question from time to time. Head-scratching comic book continuity issues aside, this Maple Jack lives here.

Better late than never…

To the millions of you who were visiting this site way back when, remember when I made Kevin Smith out of Taylor ham and American cheese in 2011?

Well, it popped up on Smith’s Instagram and Facebook feeds earlier today.  The accompanying blurb goes something like this (exactly like this):

Portrait of @thatkevinsmith made with NJ breakfast staple Pork Roll (Taylor Ham) and American Cheese. So brilliant (the art, not the guy the art depicts). Author unknown.
Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 1.33.04 PM

Author unknown?!?!? I’m crestfallen. Heartbroken. Despondent. Saddened. Woebegone. Definitely woebegone.

Well, next time I’ll be sure to add a watermark to my work with my website on it to avoid this from happening again.

Warriors, Come Out to Play


Turkey tomorrow. Swan today.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bruce on the Loose


Springsteen. New Jersey. 11×14″. The “border” is comprised of the song, “Incident on 57th Street.

I’m so over these pot bellies (as my wife calls them), so I’ve been jazzing them up with some random sketchiness (like Iron Man’s circuitry, Batman’s Gotham, Boo Berry’s ghosts). In this case, I asked the guy who commissioned this for his favorite Bruce song, and this is what he gave me. I’ve never heard it before, because despite my ethnicity (Jerseyish), I don’t give a single shit about Bruce Springsteen. Not one. And those shits I don’t give about Bruce I MIGHT throw at Bon Jovi. There really is no definitive New Jersey rocker that I can identify with. I wish I was from Zanzibar. (OBSCURE FREDDIE MERCURY REFERENCE.)

Anyway, I kinda regret my jazz-up idea to combat the war against white space, because two hours of transcribing those lyrics and my hand is killing me.

Batmanew Jersey

A companion piece to go along with the Iron Man commission. I keep forgetting to mail these.NJ_Batman2011

Iron Man as New Jersey

I used to be a great drinker. I don’t do many elicit or illegal or even mildly hazardous activities anymore, but I did have two glasses of wine at work just now and sweet maple syrup, do I feel wobbly. And in that time, I also painted/drew this commissioned Iron Man as New Jersey. (11×14″, watercolor and gold ink)

 Iron Man



I can’t believe that damned Jason Voorhees got me back into making state characters.

In light of my Boo Berry designed as Minnesota (home state of General Mills, makers of Boo Berry), someone requested I make FrankenBerry as Illinois. That makes one ball hair less sense than anything I do on any other regular day, so what the hey, let’s give it a go. I was totally lost and threw away my first draft in a fit of disgust. …and then I saw the profile in my head. That nose. The lower lip. Holy shit, Illinois, you are no longer as boring as the Home Depot box we call Colorado. You are wonderful. And Frankenois was born.

And here’s a little tidbit. I arranged Frank’s clock to read 9:23. It’s an homage to Illinois –specifically Chicago – heroes, Bobb Hull and Michael Jordan. Both of whom should be painted as Illinois…Hmmm.