Hab Gum, Will Travel

Over the past two months, while I’ve been working on various Foogos from the Ducks to the Whalers to the Flames to the Canucks, I’ve been chipping away at the Montreal Canadiens Foogo on an almost daily basis. It’s one of the few pieces I’ve made thus far that doesn’t have a short shelf life, […]

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Step by Meaty Step

During the long, sleepless night I spent creating the Canucks Foogo, I paused to snap photos at random intervals, marking my progress. Usually, you readers only get a description and final product shots, maybe some extremely uncomfortable close-ups. Well, here’s the whole shebang! Enjoy.

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Mac ‘N Cheese, Bean Stampede

To date, the Calgary Flames’ alternate mark/horsehead Foogo is hands down my favorite creation. If, at the end of the calendar year, I don’t believe this is any longer in my top 5, I will be stunned. And that means there will be some awesome stuff that has yet-to-be produced. (An upcoming LA Kings Foogo […]

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