1994 Stanley Cup Finals Rematch

I was bred to hate the New York Rangers. The programming has been successful, to say the least. Conversely, after a trip to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, I made a lot of new friends, so I adopted the Canucks as a secondary team. That makes the next set of Foogos a real love/hate relationship, as I’ll be reliving the 1994 Cup Finals, which the Chinese retroactively refer to as the “Year of the Blind Squirrel.” Well… they should. Continue reading 1994 Stanley Cup Finals Rematch

Quebec Nordiques

I was about 10 Foogos deep before I thought to launch a blog about it. Previously, the main exposure was on my Facebook page and online portfolio at mojoswork.com. So over the next few weeks – or more likely, months – I’ll arbitrarily dig deep and revisit some of the preexisting Foogos to explain how they came about. Since I’m still a little nostalgic after Saturday’s Hartford Foogo, let’s stay in the Adams Division and play with the Nordiques. Continue reading Quebec Nordiques

Hartford Whalers

The Hartford Whalers were the clear-cut winner of last week’s inaugural Foogo vote, garnering 50% of all tallies. Since I started the poll, I had vague ideas of the ingredients I’d use if any of the three options (the Whale, ‘Nucks or Leafs) emerged victorious, but nothing was set in stone. Once I knew the subject, the next goal was to get the goods. My original concept was nothing like what actually emerged from this Foogo, though. Continue reading Hartford Whalers

And the next Foogo is…

I’ve always got a few ideas stirring in my mental okra cauldron, but I wanted to give the… I don’t want to say “fans,” because that’s really presumptuous… let’s just say I left the decision of the newest addition to the Foogo family to the “Foogo admirers.” Foogo admirers… that sounds lame. Anyway, for the people who squirm, wince, cheer and laugh at this edible art project, I gave you the floor.  The options were the white-and-green Hartford Whalers of the 1980s, the early ’90s Vancouver Canucks and the current Toronto Maple Leafs. So who won out? Continue reading And the next Foogo is…

More on the Devils Foogo

The other day, I mentioned my favorite thing about the final product of the Devils foogo was that the logo existed on two distinct planes, one on the table, the other on the counter.

It was a fun way to push the idea of “Play with your food” a little further. As a klutz and an unintentional slob, I am a messy, sloppy eater, so its only fitting that part of my foogo “spilled” onto the table.

The challenge in creating the illusion of a single overhead plane meant I’d arrange some tomato sauce and oregano, climb atop a chair, look down, figure out what needed touching up, get down, adjust, climb back up and do it all over again. It was like using a Stairmaster.

Here's a good angle of the right horn on the counter.

Whether it was moving the oregano on the counter or cleaning up some errant flakes on the plate, I used the end of a knife to do all my dirty work and slide the herbs into place when they got out of line.

And here's the tail.

The Next Foogo Is…

While I play catch-up (no, not ketchup) on the blog with chronicling all the old Foogos, let me know which team should be next. Vote as often as you like:

Which Team should get the Foogo treatment next?

New Jersey Devils

I know there’s been a lot of anticipation for how I’d handle the New Jersey Devils logo, given my extensive personal and professional history with the team.

I had a number of ideas, some of which I’ll probably revisit sometime in the future (because who says I can’t do the same logo twice?). But without further ado… Continue reading New Jersey Devils