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43 thoughts on “NHL

    1. You have my blessing to use my Flyers Foogos as your Facebook profile. Do me a favor though. LIKE Foogos on Facebook, and encourage your friends to do the same with some wall posts. Deal?

  1. These are amazing and just in time for the new season! Could I get your permission to use the watermarked pics for an article for Trend Hunter Publications? Please contact me if you approve!

    1. Only because you said, “Please.” See that, World. Manners will get you everywhere. But seriously, Mike, I had a few Sabres ideas last year that never really panned out, so they are one of the teams near the top of my list this season, along with the Leafs, Isles, Bolts and Caps.

    1. I like lists.

      1. Thanks for checking out the site, Bernie. (Thank you should always be #1.)
      2. These new Jets aren’t the old Jets, not the mediocre team I grew up watching twice a year. I had to pay homage to the REAL Jets first.
      3. I have every intention of working my way through every team in the league, past and present, in ALL their variations. (It’s a marathon, not a sprint!)
      4. Number 3 will occur in no particular order.
      5. Stay tuned, your True North Jets will pop up eventually.

    1. Hey Cori! I’ve been a major slacker in recent months, but I plan on finishing up the NHL by the end of the 2012-13 season, lockout or not. The Blues are near the top of my list! (Those damn Kings are first…)

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