Not Pony Tails or Cotton Tails…

Disney resurrected the beloved classic, DuckTales, and if you’ve seen the trailer, you already know that visually, the mix of contemporary animation and color halftones/ textured backgrounds (think Regular Show meets Silver Age comics) is a refreshing update to the original. But holding up to its predecessor’s lofty storyline standards is another matter altogether. Luckily, […]

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In response to my Super Mario collage from a few months back, here’s Bowser, made from a bunch of reaaaaaaaaaaaaally shitty comics, old Wizard magazines and Comic Shop News. Yesterday morning, my almost-three-year-old asked me if she could help. “Daddy, can I glooooooo it, too?” So I had her tie up some loose ends on […]

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Happy Father’s Day

Cut me some slack. I’ve got a baby. I just got married. We’re closing on a house. It’s the summer. I just got a cortizone shot blasted into my wrist. (That last bit makes me feel like a pro athlete.) I painted this Adam West Batman for my dad for Father’s Day (and more important […]

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I visited my parents a few weeks ago, and while I was going through some stuff, I noticed I had paint there, so I thought I’d use the time to get going on a new Muppet. My pallette was limited, but yellow, green, red and white would be all I really needed for someone like […]