NJBA: Wonder Woman!

I painted this real quick as a bonus gift to the person who bought Red Fraggle. It was just a little “Thank you” to someone who has purchased a couple things from me, and supported my work for a while. I try to take care of those who take of me, and I’m a firm […]

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COLLAGE: 1980s Storm

I’ve probably said this before on one of these posts, but as an artist, when you finish something and think its the best thing you’ve done to date, that’s a good feeling. I’ve got that right now with this circa 1980s Storm collage from the Movie Squirrel’s In Style magazine. Such a badass woman. If […]

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COLLAGE: Dazzler (10×10″)

So Asbury is the rearview mirror, and the initial disappointment with my financial gain from the show has dissipated with an influx of post-show commission requests. Feels good. I also found a guy willing to photograph my paintings so I can make some prints. This has burned me twice over already. No mas, seƱor. Meanwhile, […]

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COLLAGE: Mystique (10X10″)

Made this with Movie Squirrel‘s In Style magazine. That catalog is a massive waste of paper. (I did ask her permission this time. I got in trouble last month for destroying a Pottery Barn mailer to create Dracula.) I’m going to bring this to the Asbury Park Comic Con on Saturday, framed, as a test […]

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Badass NJ: Captain Marvel

The march to the Asbury Park Comic Con continues. Here’s a Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel New Jersey that I really hope some little girl excitedly takes home from the show. In related news, I had purchased the first two or three issues of the last Captain Marvel series, by Kelly Sue DeConnick. I thought it sucked […]

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Earth’s Jersiest Heroes

New poster of mine for all the people of New Jersey, another lil sumpn sumpn I got brewin’ for the Asbury Park Comic Con. I call it Earth’s Jersiest Heroes, and to be honest, I haven’t even had a chance to enjoy this one, because I’ve already got a new OCD poster to work on. […]

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