CuJo: Not That One

Chances are, if you hear the name “Cujo,” you’re thinking of some crazy dog in a Stephen King book-turned-movie. Sweet bacon biscuits, that’s a spicy trailer. I’ve never seen a single second of the 1983 horror flick until I found the above link for this very post. Kind of amazing that King wrote the book […]

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One of my daughter’s favorites (not the painting, the character). Well, it’s one my favorite Muppet paintings, and here it is. Bobo is a Muppet who has steadily gained traction to now. To borrow a hockey term, he’s a solid two-way center. This isn’t the guy who’s going to score the game-winner every night, but he’s […]


Jason Voorhees Badass New Jersey!

Inspired by The Sexy Armpit‘s Purple Stuff Podcast, I’m going back to my home state and the Bad Ass New Jerseys (BANJ) with the Garden State’s favorite serial killer, Camp Crystal Lake’s Jason Voorhees! The Friday the 13th star was created with watercolors, colored pencils and spray paint on 11×15″ 140lbs watercolor paper. Then I burned […]

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Foogos Storms Back!

Believe it or not, this ketchup and mustard Stormtrooper I “painted” yesterday is sorta work-related. I’m tying the annual International Food Day holiday event (which launched the Foogos concept five years ago when I condimented the map of the world) into the release of the new Star Wars movie. I have to do some more work here, […]

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Lila Sketches

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I drew these for my parents, both grandmothers and my in-laws as Christmas gifts. (I also framed the final pieces.) These four sketches are of my little Monchichi. Each of these is 9×12 ink on mixed media paper. The painterly looking one is an ink wash. They depict the Bean at various cute […]

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Muppet Monday on actual Monday? Call the fire department. This one’s outta control. Scooter is the lovable nerd who is always looking to please Kermit, a tag-along who somehow lacks the annoying quality most human shadows seem to possess. In The Muppet Show, he inauspiciously debuts as the nephew of JP Grosse, the man who owns the […]

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