CuJo: Not That One

Chances are, if you hear the name “Cujo,” you’re thinking of some crazy dog in a Stephen King book-turned-movie. Sweet bacon biscuits, that’s a spicy trailer. I’ve never seen a single second of the 1983 horror flick until I found the above link for this very post. Kind of amazing that King wrote the book […]

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Deflated Ego

Let’s talk about deflated egos. This afternoon, I was finishing up my latest NHL goalie sketch at my timeshare, the good ole Long Island Railroad, and the conductor, who looked a little like Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus, punches my ticket and says, “Is that your dog in a football helmet?” By the way, this […]

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Happy Birthday, Ken Dryden

In light of my recent rant, coinciding with a Sharpie sketch of Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender and two-time Stanley Cup Champion, Matt Murray, I’m following through on other goalie sketches, the first of which I finished on a lengthy, productive train ride today. I didn’t plan on sharing this Ken Dryden sketch yet, but a friend […]

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Artistic Frustrations

Eleven years ago, a co-worker told me I needed to focus on one aspect of design – typography, illustration, retouching, etc – and push forward with that one thing. In some ways, that person was right, because I’d probably be way further along in my career. Eleven years later, I could very well be the […]

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New Food Pyramid

Got home at 3am this morning. Daughter was up at 6am. HOORAY. I silently brought my watercolors to the dining room table and began painting. The kid took the bait, sat down next to me, and began painting herself. It turned out to be a wonderful morning. Here’s the sketch I made: Followed by this […]

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King and Queen

I’ve had the idea to draw this for a while now. Originally, I wanted to draw a 3D cube type of thang, include Prince’s face on the third facet, and call it “The Royal Family.” “King and Queen” is an ink drawing is on 11×14″ Strathmore mixed media paper. The most fun with this was that I’d fill in […]

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