CuJo: Not That One

Chances are, if you hear the name “Cujo,” you’re thinking of some crazy dog in a Stephen King book-turned-movie. Sweet bacon biscuits, that’s a spicy trailer. I’ve never seen a single second of the 1983 horror flick until I found the above link for this very post. Kind of amazing that King wrote the book […]

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Deflated Ego

Let’s talk about deflated egos. This afternoon, I was finishing up my latest NHL goalie sketch at my timeshare, the good ole Long Island Railroad, and the conductor, who looked a little like Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus, punches my ticket and says, “Is that your dog in a football helmet?” By the way, this […]

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Happy Birthday, Ken Dryden

In light of my recent rant, coinciding with a Sharpie sketch of Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender and two-time Stanley Cup Champion, Matt Murray, I’m following through on other goalie sketches, the first of which I finished on a lengthy, productive train ride today. I didn’t plan on sharing this Ken Dryden sketch yet, but a friend […]

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Artistic Frustrations

Eleven years ago, a co-worker told me I needed to focus on one aspect of design – typography, illustration, retouching, etc – and push forward with that one thing. In some ways, that person was right, because I’d probably be way further along in my career. Eleven years later, I could very well be the […]

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I’ma Luigi, Numbah One!

My Super Mario collage was feeling lonely, especially since I sold Bowser, so I gave him a brother. Here is Luigi, 24×24″ made of a bunch of random comic books, Wizard magazine, and some other random papery things, like a box of Goobers from the movie theatre from November when I took the family to […]

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