As this site has evolved from making art with food to a personal pop culture journal, this “About” page should look a lot different. But goddammit, it’s probably the best-written piece on the site. So I’ma leave it up. But as of now, Foo-gos.com is comprised of my artwork (I’m currently in a big painting kick), movie and TV series reviews, chatter about cereal, and probably more comic book references than you can shake Donatello’s bo staff at. And here’s what it used to be:

So for whatever reason, you’ve stumbled across the Foogos website. Whether it was happenstance or design, accident or intent, it doesn’t matter; you’re here, the place where the things you eat every day and the icons you see every day (assuming you watch NHL hockey) converge into something so much more… and something so much less. Sometimes intriguing, occasionally humorous, usually an abomination, Foogos is nothing more than transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary for no other reason than, Why not?

It all started in December 2010. I was given the task to create a banner for “International Food Day” (IFD) at work. During IFD, an event started by my awesome boss, the 500+ staff of our midtown Manhattan ad agency in which we worked was encouraged to bring an ethnic dish (someone brought KFC… not sure how that’s international, but I guess they’re everywhere) or some tasty dessert for everyone to sample. (I brought my mom’s homemade pierogis. They were pretty much the best thing on the menu.) IFD was a big deal.

As for the banner, I made a few designs, mostly revolving around the words INTERNATIONAL FOOD DAY smashed into a hero roll and made to look like a sandwich. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bore me a little. A lot. In a rut, lightning struck at the 11th hour. I’d simply write the words out… in condiments. But why stop there? So I made a map of the world out of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and even some duck sauce. Suddenly, I came down with a case of food art fever.

So that pretty much explains the origins of Foogos, which started out with me simply foodifying NHL teams. Is saying I’m an enormously big hockey fan a good enough reason to establish why I chose the NHL? Cuz that’s really all I got. As the project continued, people started making requests, and most of them were not puck-related. There are currently a bunch of MLB, NFL and comic book/cinema Foogos, and some other random pieces that don’t fall under any of those categories.

I thought making the Foogos and posting them to my Facebook page, Twitter account and portfolio site would suffice. Friends and followers have seemed to taken a shine to them, but there’s so much to tell behind the photographs you see. And that’s what this site is for.

I’m loathe to write about myself here, but as the site is gaining Internet traction and exposure, I don’t want anymore misinformation floating around out there. I saw a few incredibly indulgent and gracious write-ups label me an “advertising agent,” and that is absolutely cringe-worthy. I don’t even know what that means.

So I might as well set the record straight.

I have always been artistically inclined. (Whether I’m good or not is up to your eyes, but the fact remains, I have always enjoyed viewing, studying and creating art. Emphasize that last part, please.)

I went to Providence College in Rhode Island and accidentally spearheaded the “Digital Imagery” concentration to the Studio Art major, along with two classmates. After that, I bounced around, literally and figuratively, as a mascot for the Frisco Rough Riders, a graphic designer for a huge ad agency in New York City, then a small one, followed by a few well-paying freelance gigs, a three year stint with the NHL’s New Jersey Devils where I combined graphic design and mascotry, and ultimately landed back in New York at the first ad agency as a freelancer, which gives me time to pursue other passions like moonlighting as a marathon runner (50 races in 50 states is the goal), daylighting as a beach lifeguard every summer, and moodlighting as an aspiring professional wrestler. (And, obviously, playing with food.)

Before, during and after all that stuff, and in no particular order, I worked at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, helped on the set of Red State – a movie written and directed by Kevin Smith – took up improv at UCB Theatre in New York, got drunk out of the Stanley Cup – THRICE – rode a lot of jet skis, broke several jet skis, took one homeless guy to Burger King, and devoured MANY pizzas from behind the counter of Antonio’s, a slice of Heaven at Thayer Street, Providence, RI. I have lived with heroin addicts and hot chicks from Texas, but never both at once. I prefer the latter, but if I had my druthers (and I do), I would live alone (and I do). Once, my house burned down. If the meandering debacle of my life sounds interesting to you, I have but three words: The. Spawn. Shop.

For whatever reason that isn’t spammy, email me at mojosartwork@gmail.com. Leave a comment somewhere on this site, the Facebook page, or at my Twitter handle. Stop by the Tumblr page. I’ll get back to you in short order.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Your site is amazing! I love the vibe you’ve got going here. And I’m stoked about following along. The idea of food and art, that sounds like a real slam dunk to me 🙂

    1. Thanks, Smash! Have to admit, its been a while since I made anything out of food. It was expensive, and I got bored. The high point was seeing some of my stuff in Sports Illustrated. After that, I got mentally fat and actually lazy. Now, the original art on here is mostly paintings and sketches I put together.

      1. Paintings and sketches are great too. As long as you’re creating something you’re keeping yourself sharp 😉
        That’s awesome about Sports Illustrated I can’t imagine how great that would feel seeing your stuff in print in a major magazine like that!

  2. Pretty cool! You know what I was just looking at the ghostbusters slimer pic and I thought gosh that looks like yogurt… this is before reading anything about your site. Cool so what was it?

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