Capitol Wrestling: Back in Hoboken

Capitol Wrestling had reached out for me to design a flyer for them based on classic promotional wrestling posters. Using their already slick color palette, I turned this around for them.


I attended the first two shows in Jersey City, and only 10 consecutive nights of fevers, courtesy of Lyme disease, kept me away from July’s Hoboken card.

Unlike other indy promotions, Capitol focuses on its own homegrown talent – classic heels like The New York Wrecking Krew and big man Ken Dixon (one Salvation Army makeover away from Wyatt Family membership) come to mind – and carry storylines from show to show.

Sonny Kiss is a charismatic local hero growing with each event, both in popularity and character arc. The gymnast straddles the gender line to overwhelming fanfare, and there is little doubt his career has barely left the ground, let alone come close to touching the ceiling. Great things are in store for Kiss.

You can see for yourself at Eric Bischoff’s IRW Network. Yes, that Eric Bischoff, the first – surely not the last – major name in the business cheerleading the fledgling promotion as it evolves. The first 20 episodes are currently available to stream, free of charge, giving you plenty of time to catch up before October 14th. If you’re in the New York City/northern Jersey area, I can’t recommend this show enough.


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