Happy Birthday, Ken Dryden

In light of my recent rant, coinciding with a Sharpie sketch of Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender and two-time Stanley Cup Champion, Matt Murray, I’m following through on other goalie sketches, the first of which I finished on a lengthy, productive train ride today.

I didn’t plan on sharing this Ken Dryden sketch yet, but a friend coincidentally pointed out that its his 70th birthday today. That’s the kind of serendipity I need sometimes. It’s an energizing sign from the Universe that I’m doing something right. I had no idea Dryden’s birthday was coming up when I started this last night, or when I found the motivation to follow through this afternoon. Like the Murray piece, this is 11×14″, drawn with Sharpie over pencil. Unlike the Murray ink drawing, I found the black Sharpie I wanted to use.

based on a B&W negative. 45540214 © Jerry Coli | Dreamstime.com

As for Dryden, here’s a snapshot of his career, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Compared to most other goaltending greats (and Hockey Hall of Fame players), Dryden’s NHL career was extremely short: just over seven full seasons. Therefore, statistically he did not amass record totals in most categories. As he played all his years with a dynasty and retired before he could pass his prime, his statistical percentages are unparalleled. His regular season totals include a .790 winning percentage, a 2.24 goals against average, and, most incredibly, winning 258 games and losing only 57 games while recording 46 shutouts in just 397 NHL games. He won the Vezina Trophy five times as the top goaltender in the NHL and in the same years was selected as a First Team All-Star.

He was a member of six Stanley Cup champions, won the Calder (rookie of the year) Trophy, played in five All-Star Games, and in 1998, was ranked the 25th greatest player in NHL history by The Hockey News. One NHL executive I to whom I reached out called Dryden the “best goalie, until 30,” in his opinion. Hard to argue with numbers like that.


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