Trump’s America

I always wind up falling into free stuff. Usually, its an ugly tee shirt shirt I won’t wear, samples of yogurt or Red Bull from suspicious distributors in Midtown, or Shutterfly prints I don’t have the energy to sift through. Last year, I got three free subscriptions to the magazines of my choice. I went with Rolling Stone, TIME, and US Weekly (uh…for my…wife…yeah, that’s it). I don’t care about Kim Kardashian or most of the new music dropping on Spotify, but I feel a little more learned courtesy of TIME.

I’ve been saving these magazines for no reason in particular, and a couple weeks ago, I noticed the pile has crossed the threshold into mound territory. It is officially a mound of mags. Since Donald Trump has dominated every lunar cycle of the past year’s news cycles, it was easy to find enough color-correct snippets to put together a flag in his… I don’t want to say “honor,” but it would be unfair to say “dishonor” as well. This piece features a plethora of 45’s own quotes and comments, along with a number of headlines from TIME. I removed my own politics from the art, and gave it as balanced a view as TIME magazine’s lens allows.

Coincidentally, Trump’s birthday is June 14th, which is Flag Day, the day I initially released images of this collage. It sorta makes it all doubly meaningful.

Previously, my flags have all been 22″x11.5″, odd dimensions, but apparently the correct ratio if you believe Wikipedia. This hold those proportions, but is much larger, at 36″x18ish”.


The following are details of the flag:

I’ve got completely different flag coming soon, and my next collage is none other than Super Mario‘s overlooked brother, Luigi! Stay tuned.



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