Capitol Wrestling Art Show

d86d37ea-c64f-4910-9796-528bb2350a63-e1484339858877I’m heading to Jersey City, Saturday, June 3rd (which is tomorrow) for the return of Capitol Wrestling to Cathedral Hall. I was at the debut show back in March, and overall, it was a blast. The ambience was amazing, what with a wrestling ring plopped among scattered rows of pews in a sprawling church. My biggest gripe from that night was that I wish I knew it was BYO Space Heater.

This time around, sure, you’d think the return match between Jeff Cannonball and John Kermon would be enough to whet my whistle for a return trip to JC, but the main reason I’m heading to the Garden State is to partake in the Capitol Wrestling’s inaugural art show. This is exactly the type of event that should include an artistic sideshow to the one going on between the ropes.

TANGENT: About eight years ago, while I was in the New Jersey Devils’ marketing department, I suggested hosting a flea market-type event in our arena, The Prudential Center, either as part of concourse activities during intermissions of a game, or as a separate event. We were Jersey’s Team, and the idea was to host some local artists as another form of community outreach.

TANGENT WITHIN A TANGENT: The Jersey Flea Market/Art Show went same way as my suggestion to christen Section 16 the AlcoHoliks, and reward every fan seated there with a free beer whenever Bobby Holik scored. I don’t care what anyone says. This was brilliant, because Holik wasn’t ever going to put a puck in the back of net in 2009, but the lure of free beer would have popped attendance.

I wasn’t sure what to present at Capitol Wrestling II. My biggest contribution to wrestling art is this WWF-inspired piece that brought 15 minutes of notoriety back in 2013. At the first Capital Wrestling event, I had my brother take a few photos for me to use as reference for a painting that never happened. Salvador Dali has nothing on the surreal visual of being in a cathedral to watch a couple guys in their underwear pretend to beat the shit out one another.



Sight unseen, I have this idea of what the other artists will be contributing to the show, and rather than offer a slightly different take on the same thing, I’m going a little more experimental, painting famous quotes and catch phrases in color schemes befitting the superstars who said them. I have one I need to finish, but here are the other four:

This could be a massive flop for me, or it could be great, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Now ring the damn bell.


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