Power Up Paintings!

Been a while since I’ve shared anything in this space, but aside from a long-term X-Men related project I hope to wrap up in the next month or so, I haven’t had too much to share.

TANGENT: It’s been so long that i even let the custom URL to this site expire, rather than cough up the $26 to keep it going another year. Times are tough in America.

That said, I got into a real painting frenzy over the past month, whittling down the canvas mountain that seemingly multiplies in my basement like a wet Mogwai.

TANGENT: I am slowly accepting the reality that I am…gulp…old. This Gremlins reference is so embarrassingly dated, yet I can’t think of one other thing that multiplies. I guess there are worse eras to be stuck in than the 80s and early 90s. 1850s comes to mind. 1340-1400 seems like another wretched time to be alive.

I’ve been fixated on Super Mario for over a year now, and I acrylicked (not a word!) some iconic power-ups from the extensive Mario Kart series.

Bullet Bill and the Piranha Plant are both 11×14″, and the others are all 12×12″.  If you’re familiar with my Muppets work, this is the same style, which, at this point, I think is safe to say is, simply, my style.

I lost my studio space to a freshly remodeled basement (re: new carpet), so painting took place in the garage, until winter determined it was too cold for that. So I moved into the boiler room, where there is barely enough space to set up an easel between the hot water heater and boiler. And that’s where the magic happens now.


These are available at my Etsy store.


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