I can’t believe that damned Jason Voorhees got me back into making state characters.

In light of my Boo Berry designed as Minnesota (home state of General Mills, makers of Boo Berry), someone requested I make FrankenBerry as Illinois. That makes one ball hair less sense than anything I do on any other regular day, so what the hey, let’s give it a go. I was totally lost and threw away my first draft in a fit of disgust. …and then I saw the profile in my head. That nose. The lower lip. Holy shit, Illinois, you are no longer as boring as the Home Depot box we call Colorado. You are wonderful. And Frankenois was born.

And here’s a little tidbit. I arranged Frank’s clock to read 9:23. It’s an homage to Illinois –specifically Chicago – heroes, Bobb Hull and Michael Jordan. Both of whom should be painted as Illinois…Hmmm.


3 thoughts on “Frankenois

    1. Bobby Hull, man! The Golden Jet! He’s credited as the first guy to have a curve on the blade (bottom) of his hockey stick, which allows for harder, higher shots. He was an awesome player, and the father of Brett Hull (The Golden Brett!), who went on to be something like the 5th highest goal scorer in NHL history.

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