Jason Voorhees Badass New Jersey!

Jason VoorheesInspired by The Sexy Armpit‘s Purple Stuff Podcast, I’m going back to my home state and the Bad Ass New Jerseys (BANJ) with the Garden State’s favorite serial killer, Camp Crystal Lake’s Jason Voorhees!

The Friday the 13th star was created with watercolors, colored pencils and spray paint on 11×15″ 140lbs watercolor paper. Then I burned it as my two-year-old sang Happy Birthday, and if that’s not the cutest damn thing in the world, well, I don’t want to be here anymore anyway. And then I buried it in the dirt. If I owned a gun, I would have shot it, too, just for authenticity’s sake.

I posted this to my Twitter feed Friday afternoon, and said Twitter feed exploded with a bevy of comments, favorites and retweets. So I figured, shucks, I should make a purchase link for this, like, five minutes ago. And then it was sold and is currently on its way to Indiana, which I find to be the weirdest part of this story.


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