Return of the Cereal Killer: Frosted Flakes

Let me tell you about unconditional love. I wait all year – approximately 300 days – for General Mills to release Monster Cereals into the ecosystem. I’m guaranteed Count Chocula, and I’d say that Franken Berry and Boo Berry are also safe bets. In 2013, I even got a special treat, with the re-release of both Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy.

FACT: Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy are the same flavor!

These cereals are quite possibly my favorite thing about the Halloween season. So, last week, I pour myself a bowl of Franken Berry, and my li’l partner, now two years old, begged for some “Ce-lull! Ce-lull!” So I gave her some Franken Berry, too. She ate the marshmallows only, because she is a smart kid.

And this is where unconditional love comes in. I poured that box of Franken Berry into a big mixing bowl, took out all the marshmallows, and let my daughter eat them, while I was stuck with a box of crunchy, pink, artificially flavored ghosts. That’s love.

And while that has nothing to do with this 24×24″ collage of Tony the Tiger, I just wanted to share my recent “ce-lull” story.

Moving onto Tony, this is something I conceived of maybe a month after the baby was born. So, literally, two years ago.

TANGENT: Can you believe that the dictionary caved in to the stupid sheeple of the first world and “literally” now also means “figuratively?” I’m so pissed off about this, and it’s an old story. When I use “literally,” I don’t mean “figuratively.” When I want to be explicit that something is figurative, I say, “figuratively.”

I’m glad to finally be done with this one, and I have more cereal mascots planned for the future. And yes, this is made with old comics. Sugary cereal and comic books are like the unofficial mascots of both Saturday morning and Americana. If this was an art history paper and not a blog post, I would go on for ten pages, double-spaced, about how emblematic this collage is to the American experience, a vital cog in the pop culture machine, a delicate thread woven into the largess of our decadent tapestry. But I’ll just show you the picture of my art studio instead:Tony the Tiger


4 thoughts on “Return of the Cereal Killer: Frosted Flakes

  1. Love this! It’s, well, GRRRREAT! 🙂 God I miss all that super sugary American cereal… 😦 The ce-lull story is adorable. Oh, and you figuratively blew my mind with that “literally, figuratively” story. What the hell?!

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