Wonder Pig

What better week to share this Wonder Pig portrait than Comic Con week?

TANGENT: Personally, I’m over Comic Con. It’s too big, has nothing to do with comics, and is a $50 ticket (minimum) to wait in a line while dodging the oversized tin foil sword some anime fanboy/girl made with the remnants of his cafeteria lunch grilled cheese wrappers.

This Piggy portrait is from the original Muppet Show (episode 419, starring the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter). I painted it on an oval canvas –I have no idea how big it is off-hand… maybe 16×9″?) I’ve had since at least 2002. My current life goal is to be rid of all this old inventory of art supplies I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s overwhelming.

And just for the sake of adding my two cents, I think The Muppets is great. Two episodes down, and I’ve had a handful of good laughs in each episodes. There are those who think it’s lost the innocence of Muppets past, becoming dark and gritty like…everything else… and there’s a point there, but get over yourselves. “Dark” as this series may be, it’s a far cry from the adult nature of Avenue Q (which I saw a couple eyars ago; the raunch is way overhyped), and even if the tone of The Muppet Show were kept alive from 1978, the current program would be dead before mid-season. Nobody wants Wayne and Wanda ballroom dancing and telling corny puns in 2015.


4 thoughts on “MUPPET MONDAY: Wonder Pig!

    1. The show is a mixed bag, but the laughs are worth it, along with seeing these classic characters back in the saddle. The celebrity cameos in the first episodes were okay, but the 2nd was great, especially Lawrence Fishburne.

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