Truly Outrageous: The Music of Jem – 1985-88

We are all complex. Am I the cool dad who sits through episode after episode of Jem with his dance machine daughter? Or am I the loser who takes notes during aforementioned dance party, then goes out and makes a definitive infographic about the show? Maybe both. Maybe. Both.

That said, I may or may not know enough about this iconic 80s cartoon to say the new movie coming out this autumn looks like a pink pile of shit.
The Music of Jem


8 thoughts on “Truly Outrageous: The Music of Jem – 1985-88

  1. Ha! This is awesome! For some reason, I never watched this show. But now I want to!

    As for “pink pile of shit”, I get so sick of “pink pile of shit” movies being made for girls. I had to watch the “superhero Barbie” movie the other day. Ugh – it was a pink glitter nightmare! I wanted to puke.

    1. What kind of girl didn’t watch Jem? After sitting through the entire original run, I have to say, it wasn’t THAT bad at all, and if they somehow crossed over with GI Joe, it would have been incredible. I would have loved to see the Holograms open for Cold Slither. (Google it.)

      1. Yeah, I had to Google that. lol! Awesome! 🙂 I have no clue why I didn’t watch this show, actually. I know I did watch the Teen Wolf cartoon and (you should like this) that wrestling cartoon at the time? Where Hulk Hogan was the main good guy & Roddy Piper was the main bad guy? I Ioved that cartoon! I was a fucked up girl, I guess. Maybe Jem was on another channel at the same time so I never saw it? It sucked having to choose in the old days! Lol

        1. I don’t know how I missed this comment the first time around, and moreso, why I bother to add two cents six months later.

          Teen Wolf: I remember the theme song, and that it was on either before or after Pee Wee’s Playhouse on CBS Saturday mornings. I always have the vision of having breakfast at my grandfather’s dining room table while this was on in the living room.

          Hulk Hogan’s Rock’n Wrestling: Yes, yes, yes, oh so many yeses.

          1. Ha! That’s okay – I still reply to really old comments on my blog if I notice any I missed. 😉 Oh… Yeah, it probably was on just before or after Pee-Wee since I totally watched that too. And have been watching it recently again on Netflix. God that’s sad… Oh, this Jem movie trailer was shown before Krampus and I kind of want to see it even though it’s been trashed. 3.4 at IMDb! Hmm.

    1. The Misfits committed SO MANY major felonies and unconscionable atrocities that “outrageous” is an understatement.

      ROXY: Hey, girls! Jem is on the cover of Rolling Stone!”

      PIZZAZZ: Whhhhhhat!?!?!?! Let’s kill that bitch!

      ROXY: Yeaaaaah. I’ll cut her brakes!

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