MSP_MortalSinsAllow me sum up the state of the American library in 2015 in one sentence:

Movie Squirrel vaguely remembered a TV movie from over twenty years ago, and without hassle, borrowed a VHS copy from our local library.

And thus, here we are, watching Mortal Sins (1992), starring Christopher Reeve. So not even five years after donning tights and cape, Superman is reduced to a television movie, starring as a tough-as-nails priest with a nose for trouble. Father Sleuth busts heads and blesses them in what was a marginally less-than-unwatchable thriller.

Mortal Sins came hot on the heels of the detective priest genre that was sweeping the nation at the time, following such classic TV series as The Father Dowling Mysteries and that other one with Tom Bosley.

Movie Squirrel and Hollywood have both tortured me with much worse.

1 Acorn(Remember, Movie Squirrel rankings work in reverse. The less acorns a flick gets, the better it is. But don’t mistake a low acorn count for an actual good movie. It’s not.)


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