MOVIE SQUIRREL PRESENTS: Thrill of the Kill (2006)

Thrill of the KillWhere to start… Well, this is a Lifetime movie, because, as Movie Squirrel says, “Lifetime movies are the best.” Not only that, it’s a Lifetime movie of CANADIAN origin. Gotta emphasize that.


I have to admit, on more levels than I care to admit, this was… entertaining? Then again, Youtubing “fat kid falls” is also entertaining. Thrill of the Kill (2006) follows a 20-something Vermontian (not a word?) bartender named Kelly Holden coping with the unsolved murder of her promiscuous sister, Alison, a year after the fact.  Kelly is on a mission to close the case on her own – mixing Slow Comfortable Screws and Red-Headed Sluts is a surefire headstart to a life in the detective game – with the help of author Graydon Jennings, whose latest crime novel mirrors Alison’s death EXACTLY!

I’d tell you the actors’ names, but the end credits neglect to mention the leads for some weird reason. I do know that Graydon is also the dude from Silk Stalkings, which I only know from catching occasionally promos during Monday Night Raw in the mid-90s.

Anyway, despite two, maybe three red herrings, I cracked this case in about zero minutes myself. SPOILER: The writer did it. And it makes pretty much no sense at all. He wrote it all down for everyone to read and instead of promptly going to jail, he had himself a national bestseller because he said, in his best Gambit voice, “Hey chere. Dis is fiction.”

But the bartender got you, you sonofabitch! Damn you, Kelly Holden! Damn you and your Harvey Wallbangers! And damn you, Movie Squirrel. Another 90 minutes of our lives gone. Gone!

No word on if Thrill of the Kill was inspired by OJ Simpson’s If I Did It.

RATING: 3/5acrons3


3 thoughts on “MOVIE SQUIRREL PRESENTS: Thrill of the Kill (2006)

  1. YES! A movie review! God I love Movie Squirrel. And Lifetime movies really ARE the best! And fat kids falling, too – gotta love that. Please tell me there will be many more reviews with Movie Squirrel. 🙂 I know you’ve been recuperating – I hope you’re doing well??

    1. You bet your tits there’s gonna be more of Movie Squirrel Presents. I’m shooting for the stars…mmm, scratch that. I’m shooting for the Bisquik on the middle shelf of the cereal aisle. (That means that rather than have an MSP every day, I’m going for a more modest and easily attainable one per week.)

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