International Food Day Returns!

I love the holidays. Christmas, man. It’s really the best. My birthday is two days after Jesus. I jump in the frigid Atlantic Ocean for good luck nearly every New Year’s Eve. And in 2010, I finally actualized my potential and became an artist in practice, not just in word. International Food Day, an annual pot luck event my boss runs out of our studio. He asked me to make a sign, and I made a map of the world from ketchup and mustard (and some other condiments). It inspired me to go for broke with art. Foogos, then paintings, and Mongos, collages… and here we are. And once again, here we are. International Food Day. This year, the sign is an infographic, for which I did all the half-assed research and designing. Infographics are something my agency is looking to get into, and I have every intention of being the guy that makes them. At least, I’ll put my best foot forward and maybe they’ll throw me a bone.

2010 | 2011 | 2012

IFD 2014


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