MUPPET MTUESDAY! Sully & Biff (16×20)

It’s been a while, but Muppet Monday returns! (Yes, today is Tuesday.)

This is a 16×20″ acrylic on canvas portrait of Sesame Street’s lovable, if not under-appreciated, handyman duo of Sully and Biff.


I have a lofty goal to paint 50 new Muppets in 2015, and I already know it’s never happen. In 2013, I completed 33 of these. This year, including Biff and Sully, I’m unofficially at 22. (This also includes second portraits of Animal and Statler and Waldorf, and I’m coutning the Two Headed Monster as two.)

So again, realistically, 50 is never gonna happen. But I like making obscene personal challenges, so if I fail, whatever I HAVE accomplished is still way more than the average person.


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