Sandwich > Taco

My personal Facebook feed goes like this: artwork, artwork, photo of my daughter, anti-New York Rangers commentary, artwork, artwork, cyber-bullying someone, artwork, photo of my daughter, WEIRD DREAMS. I wonder what certain specific people think of my weird dreams when I post them, and those people (usually religious fuddy-duddies, or straight-laced nerds with no sense of humor or too many inhibitions) NEVER EVER bite and give me the gratification of knowing that they read two paragraphs of gibberish that originated in my head in the dead of night.

Among the items that I dreamed up last week was a sandwich eating a taco. I didn’t see it in action, but in words, if that makes any sense. So the other night at work, I made it a reality and drew what I thoguht a sandwich eating a taco would look like.sandtaco044 I suppose this is a ham and Swiss sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Seems like a weird combo – and one I would NEVER eat on purpose – but I was going for color contrast more than anything here. I cleaned the image up on the computer, and I think I have the next Tomas Goutersven on my hands.Sandwich > Taco


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