Happy Father’s Day

Cut me some slack. I’ve got a baby. I just got married. We’re closing on a house. It’s the summer. I just got a cortizone shot blasted into my wrist. (That last bit makes me feel like a pro athlete.)

I painted this Adam West Batman for my dad for Father’s Day (and more important than this post, I actually got it to him on time). It resides in his sweet man cave, usurping the 800″ projector screen as the showpiece that ties the room together.


I don’t need to rehash my love for the Adam West-era Batman, or as its more recently known as, Batman ’66. But it never hurts to never forget the gummi portraits I did of the cast a couple years ago. (A COUPLE YEARS AGO???? Jesus, where does the time go?)

Kinda like my Muppet portrait series, I plan on painting all the heroes and villains from this legendary show. No timetable for completion, although once we’re settled and the baby is a little more self-sufficient (ie wipes own ass), I’ll finally have a little studio with some space to work a bunch of stuff at once. Here’s the Joker I completed a couple months ago.

In other news, it was 19 years ago today that the New Jersey Devils won their first Stanley Cup. I was there. Section 124. Row 24. Seat 4. Probably the first great night of my life. The first of many.


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