COLLAGE: 1980s Storm


I’ve probably said this before on one of these posts, but as an artist, when you finish something and think its the best thing you’ve done to date, that’s a good feeling. I’ve got that right now with this circa 1980s Storm collage from the Movie Squirrel’s In Style magazine.

Such a badass woman. If you’re one of those people just dipping their toes into comic book pop culture, I can’t recommend the Uncanny X-Men Omnibus (by Chris Claremont and a few artists) enough. It chronicles X-Men adventures beginning with Giant Sized X-Men #1, the first appearance of the new X-Men, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Storm among them.

She had a hot costume back then (designed by the late, great Dave Cockrum), but her punk rock costume from the 80s – and so fitting for the times – is her best look. After the terrible, prudish 90s look that brought her the most mainstream notoriety, courtesy of FOX Kids’ Saturday morning cartoon, Storm eventually found her original wardrobe and more recently, is back to the mohawk.

I based this collage off this image of Halle Berry.Halle BerryI have a feeling this Storm collage will make the cut as a submission to the One-Shot Gallery show I’m participating in later this year.

Here are the three X-Men collages I’ve completed to date.


6 thoughts on “COLLAGE: 1980s Storm

  1. This is a very good (digital) image of Halle Berry’s character ‘Ororo / Storm,’ from the X-Men film series. I also would like to send my congratulations to Halle on her COLLAGE: 1980’s Storm, and to making the cut with her submission to the ‘One-Shot Gallery Show,’ that she will participating in later this year 2014.’ Kind Regards.

  2. (comment continues) A very good circa 1980’s storm collage from the Movie Squirrel’s In Style Magazine. Best Regards – Don Smallwood.

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