Masked Superstar (12×12)

For that one person who was reading this space when I first shifted from making art from food to painting, I finally sold the Tiger Mask painting. But its like no one knew it even existed, because it got snatched up real quick, and then I started getting requests for other wrestlers. This is the first I’ve completed (and sold in under 5 minutes! FIVE MINUTES!), the Masked Superstar:

Masked SuperstarI don’t know why I’m obsessed with wrestling masks. They’re just so great. Which reminds me, if you’re into noir and luchadores, go read Hoodtown, by Christa Faust. Love that book, and I think I’m ready to read it a second time.

Back to the Masked Superstar. This guy (Bill Eadie) went on to become one of the masked men known as the Machines (along with Big John Studd and Andre the Giant) before trading in his hoods for warpaint, when he became one half of legendary WWF tag team, Demolition.

A lot of people write the team off as a rip-off of the Road Warriors, and in some respects, they were, but that made them no less awesome. Ax and Smash, baby. Great theme music. SO great, it deserves its own spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.


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