COLLAGE: Dazzler (10×10″)

So Asbury is the rearview mirror, and the initial disappointment with my financial gain from the show has dissipated with an influx of post-show commission requests. Feels good. I also found a guy willing to photograph my paintings so I can make some prints. This has burned me twice over already. No mas, señor.

Meanwhile, the beat goes on, cuz if you ain’t going forward, you’re moving backwards. (I coined that phrase, but I’m sure someone smarter said it before, unbeknownst to me.) I’m looking to produce as many collages of X-Men women as possible between now and whenever the One-Shot Gallery “Daughters of the Atom” exhibit opens. If that means a dozen collages, sick. If it means three, so be it, but it better be more than three because this Dazzler is already #2.DazzlerI know One-Shot won’t display all my collages, but if I can get a couple really good ones in the show, maybe it spills over into that holy land where people stumble onto my site and see other things they want to own. I don’t think I would be this motivated to create if I wasn’t a father. Seriously, everything I do is with my daughter in mind. The little scamp is next to me playing with a TV remote and forcing out a turd as I type/edit this post.

Anyway, enough about that girl, and onto the one this entry is about: Alison Blaire/Dazzler. The character history of this X-Man is one of the most unique in comics. She was the ambitious, if not terrible, joint creation between Marvel and Casablanca Records. The original plan was that Marvel would have a new badass superhero in its expanding stable, and Casablanca would create a real life analog of the character, manufactured to be their next musical sensation. She was intended to be a disco queen, but ABBA was getting death threats by the time this concept hit paper.

As expected, someone at Casablanca (wisely) got cold feet, and Marvel was left holding the bag, so they went ahead and launched a Dazzler comic book, of which I own EVERY. SINGLE. ISSUE. Why? I don’t know. I went on this eBay feeding frenzy a few years back when I bought a lot of stupid shit. (I also own every episode of the 1990s animated series, The Tick. On VHS. Homemade. My life is filled with bad choices.) She’s predominantly been either an X-Men B-list character or somewhere in creative limbo, although she once took on Dr. Doom and lived to tell the tell.

My collage is based off Alison’s look in Excalibur about five…holyshit…nearly 10 years ago. Oh I’m so depressed with how old I am. Sigh… also, I had an intern pose for me, and I based the composition on that photograph. The intern thought I was weird, but went along with it anyway. This is the problem with kids today. Too comfortable with photos, social media, video… any weirdo can take some pics of them. So who’s dumber now? The kid who lets a weirdo take her picture after an ambiguous explanation, or the idiot who blew $70 on bootleg VHS tapes?



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