RIP Ultimate Warrior

I almost called out of work today for bereavement leave, what with the Ultimate Warrior dead. After 20 years of lawsuits and an ugly real world feud with his former employer, the WWF/E, he finally made amends and was inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday night. Then he gave this speech on Monday night:

So was that his own eulogy? So surreal and absolutely eerie.

Last year, his people sent me a cease and desist letter for trying to sell this zombie painting I made of him. (It’s still in my collection.) Zombie Warrior

Four years ago, he sent me a NICE letter, emailing me to listen to the artistic voices in my head, and follow my own path. It’s the best advice I ever received, and I want to share it here. Some of it is a bit dodgy (burn bridges after you cross them???) but there is a lot of merit in these words. Ultimate E-Mail“Safety sucks if you really want to live.”

(Once I’m settled in a proper dwelling, I’m going to frame Warrior’s encouraging “oursue your art” letter next to the zombie painting next to the cease-and-desist letter telling me not sell the zombie painting.)

I go back and read this e-mail from time to time. It motivates me before marathons, and revs me up when I need a charge.

Rest in Peace, Warrior.



6 thoughts on “RIP Ultimate Warrior

    1. After my initial email, Warrior found my portfolio at It was MUCH different back then, and I really didn’t know what the welcome should be, so I wrote “Enjoy the work. Contact me. Send money.” It was the simplest way to say what I wanted, and I hoped it came across as jokey and tongue-in-cheek. It had at least one fan!

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