Sexy Pineapple

FOOD TIP: If you want your pineapple to feel good about itself, buy it a sexy bra.Sexy PineappleI conceived, carried and birthed this child of mine at work yesterday. Her measurements are 11×15″, watercolor and ink. Obviously, it was a slow day.

Maybe this becomes a series. Sexy Fruits? Fruits in Underwear? Fruit of the Loom?

I’m glad I finally put some good use (Ha! There’s a generous way of putting it) to these Copic pens (they’re professional) I got for Christmas back in 2010. I had these grand plans to write, draw, ink and color and my own comic book, but then I got carried away with Foogos, which ultimately led me to painting a pineapple in lingerie. So yeah.  Good use of my time.

I should’ve scanned the watercolor-only version, too, to show how much pizazz the scratchy black lines add to this piece. Also, I limited the watercolor palette to yellow, blue, red and white. It looks so much better than breaking out individual colors like green, orange, etc. More cohesion this way.

People don’t use the word “pizazz” enough.


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