Dead SquirrelApril Fools!

Seriously, though, as morbid as it sounds, I think I’m going to start photographing roadkill. I see so much of it, and I think some idiot somewhere will think its beautiful art, and not just gross pictures of dead animals that no one loved, which is exactly what it is. (I may be an artist, but I’m sometimes logical, too.)

I blame Garbage Pail Kids, Madballs, and Skateboard Smack-Ups for influencing this project.



      1. It’s not very good. My review won’t be super positive whenever I get around to reviewing it. But, hey – the Muppets are in it so can’t complain too much! : ) Hey… You have any Muppet artwork lying around?! I’d happily mention you & link to you in my review! Not that anyone reads my stuff but, well – you never know! I have two or three followers! : ) (Oh shit – last thing was Man of Steel?! What a bad one to end on!) : (

        1. Man of Steel: That was what… May? The baby was born in September, so I had a whole summer to see a bunch of movies, but I was so soured on the M.o.S. experience that I needed a break. Even though I averaged only 1 movie a week, I’d see them like 2 or 3 at a time, and I was burned out on the theatre.

          Muppets: Always making new ones, and definitely have a bunch available. Here’s a link to every one I’ve done:

          Anything with “(N/A)” below next to the size means I’ve already sold the painting. If it’s just got the size and no “(N/A)”, its available.

          I can’t believe the new Muppet movie wasn’t good. I really am trying to make the effort to see it…maybe one morning next week before work… I have to judge for myself.

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