It’s Not a Toomuh

So many paintings and design projects lined up, so little time.

No secret that I obsess over completion. I love comic books, which in itself promotes OCD. I hate this X-Men series, but I have issues 1-37, and 41-62. I NEED TO FIND 38-40 SO I CAN HAVE THEM ALL. This is the mentality of your typical comic book geek. It’s transcended comics into my work. (See: the ongoing Muppet portrait project, the WWF poster, Earth’s Jersiest Heroes, et al)

I’m working on a new poster that will shame that wrasslin’ poster in every way.

I also sketched the pencils of a new painting: Arnold as The Terminator. The drawing is good, so I hope I don’t fuck it up with stupid paint. That said, I envision a space where I can showcase a series of iconic Arnold characters in art. Maybe they’ll all be paintings. Maybe I’ll mix media and go with a collage here, watercolor there… FOOGOS?!?

Here are the other iconic Ahnolds I have lined up. I’d like some comments to help me fill out the rest:

Mr. Freeze (its so god awful its iconic… to me)Turbo Man (from Jingle All the Way; highly underrated Christmas movie)

I want at least one more (5 is a good number), but any number of suggestions are welcome. Help a brotha out.


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