Minimal Movies: Unforgiven

Some of my favorite blogs are those that re-post movie posters. Cinema Parrot Disco and Lasers, Monsters and Barbarins, Oh My! both do just that from time to time. Visit them and say hi for me.

Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop also shares some sweet posters on occasion, and it was there that I saw some really inspiring minimalist fan-made posters. I wanted to tackle this myself, and Malloy suggested Wayne’s World.

My first thought was something with the dudes’ hair. It’s been done. Then I thought, what about Garth’s Pacer? That car’s been rendered in faux poster form, too. So then I figured, what about a pair of six shooters made to look like a dead cattle’s skull, and if Mike Myers was Clint Eastwood, and the title of the movie was called Unforgiven instead? Yeahhhhhh. Unforgiven

So I give you the first of many many (or at least two) custom minimal movie posters: Wayne’s World!


12 thoughts on “Minimal Movies: Unforgiven

  1. That’s great! Oh that’ll be awesome if you do more of these!! I’ve never seen Unforgiven but Wayne’s World is, like, one of the best movies ever! Hmm… Maybe something using Garth’s glasses? Keep doing these – I love this! And thanks for the mention – I took a blog break this week but saw some cool posters so I’ll go back to posting them sometimes! : )

    1. I Googled Wayne’s World minimalist posters, and pretty much every obvious prop – the hair, glasses, car – had been used. Maybe I go back with something including Noah’s Arcade, but that’s pretty obscure.

      And I try to take care of my people with links like that!

    1. True story: I originally planned on those guns to be Roger Rabbit, and it just wasn’t happening, so they were re-purposed. (If I gave away all this info in the original post, we’d have nothing to talk about now!)

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