MUPPET FRMONDAY: Statler and Waldorf (20×16)

20x16; acrylic on canvas
20×16; acrylic on canvas

You know, I was thiiiiis close to painting over my original set of Statler and Waldorf 12x12s. No one’s buying theseYes, I find them to be beloved characters, but who wants paintings of two old puppet men? Well, I guess someone did, because those two were shipped over the holiday season. And I guess they were soooo popular that someone else specifically requested more Statler and Waldorfs from me.

I’m of the mind, that if you do the same thing over and again, it cheapens the original, so out of respect to the first Statler and Waldorf paintings, I declined to recreate two more 12×12 head shots. I offered to paint the duo in their balcony setting as a 20×16 though, and boom. Here we go. The baby gets diapers for another month.

In other Muppet news, I’m working on the Snowths, Behemoth (who I think is going to be the next hot character from this cast of felt and googly eyes) and a quintet of popular critters I don’t want to spoil with an outright name drop.


6 thoughts on “MUPPET FRMONDAY: Statler and Waldorf (20×16)

  1. Awesome! One day I’m going to stumble into a mystery wad of cash on the street and I’m going to take myself on a delightful shopping spree in your easy shop. And it will be the spree of a lifetime!

    1. I eagerly await this spree. If I wasn’t so paranoid about sharing photos of my baby, I would plaster this space with her face to motivate you further. Also, I work cheap, relatively speaking.

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