Jersey Rules! Bride and Groom

Sup, chuds? I love that word. Chud. Cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller. In this context, speaking to you, I mean it endearingly. When discussing NJ Transit, the Long Island Railroad and pretty much every person in midtown Manhattan and on the road in Suffolk County, NY, I mean it as venomously disparaging as possible, plus two.

Anyway, someone who is not a chud, or at least the good kind of chud, is the guy who commissioned a pair of New Jerseys for his recently married cousin. Awwww. Matching bride and groom, 8×10 each.

For the most part, I’m done with these. I will be making a massive batch of new NJ pieces to bring with me to the Asbury Park Comic Con, but otherwise, I’m cooling my jets on this to revisit the ongoing Muppets portraiture, expand to other state watercolors, create more collages, paint a few more skateboards, and as always, find new projects.


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