12x12, acrylic on canvas
12×12, acrylic on canvas

Why is this guy not the star of Anchorman? Or at least the role played by Steve Carrell.

TANGENT: For the record, I think anything with Will Ferrell as the lead is the dregs of 1st world comedy. I’m ashamed of my generation if this is what my daughter looks back on and thinks, “This what Daddy liked to watch.” No, my little Bean, it most certainly was not.

Like Sweetums, this was a piece begun in the waning days of 2013, and completed New Year’s Day, but unlike the big monster, the Newsman was mostly painted on New Year’s Day, so I boffed my own signature.

He could also make a cameo appearance on The Newsroom. This gets me thinking. What other cross-promotional efforts could some of the Muppets get into? Right off the bat, scratch Electric Mayhem and Rowlf from appearing on MTV, because they have nothing to do with music anymore… a Real World season with all Muppets would be INCREDIBLE, though.

My seven castmates for such a series would be:
1. Wembley Fraggle (the neurotic one)
2. Piggy (the one that needs to die)
3. Lefty the Salesman (the jerky one you’re supposed to hate but actually love)
4. Janice (the sluttiest one)
5. Cliff (the sensitive-to-everyone’s-needs one; SO ANNOYING)
6. Two-Headed Monster (the AWESOME, crazy one)
7. Rowlf (the cool one)

I’d also be down for a Real World Challenge show, in which the teams are Sesame Street vs The Muppet Show.

Other Muppets and the shows/movies they could/should appear/appeared on:

  • Johnny Fiama: The Departed
  • Forgetful Jones: Deadwood
  • Oscar the Grouch: A Bronx Tale, or Crooklyn
  • Gonzo: Jackass
  • Animal: the lead in any dating show
  • Telly: Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew
  • The Count: True Blood (Eric Northman)
  • The Amazing Mumford: The Prestige (as Christian Bale’s brother)




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