Muppet Monday returns! And even though its a gloriously short work week and today is already Friday – we really need to follow the business model once devised by Zack Morris; work two days, rest five – I ain’t getting in the way of the biggest, scariest-looking Muppet of all.

16x20, acrylic on canvas
16×20, acrylic on canvas

This Sweetums portrait was 90% completed before Christmas, and wrapped up yesterday morning, so I guess its okay that I forgot to sign it in the bottom corner with a ’14 instead of the ’13. Unlike the other Muppeture I’ve painted, this is not 12×12, but rather 16×20 (the other 16×20 is Alistair Cookie). Big Muppet. Big canvas. It’s still acrylics, and kicks off a second wave of Muppet paintings that will feature Rowlf, the Newsman, Lew Zealand, Mahna Mahna, and many other A, B and D-listers I’ve yet to paint. You can see EVERY Muppet I’ve painted to date here, and if there isn’t an “(N/A)” below the corresponding image, it means that one’s available. Email me for further instructions, Mr. Bond.

Back to Sweetums. My first encounter with the behemoth was not on The Muppet Show, but one of those random Muppet specials, where the extensiv cast portrays other characters. Sweetums was a big bad henchman… Wait. Maybe it was Muppets Take Manhattan? I don’t remember, but the moment I saw that monstrosity, I KNEW he was going to go the complete opposite direction and be a big softie. One of my faves.


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