The Thing

In the hubbub over the WWF poster that won’t ever be sold, I did make some scratch from people picking up a bunch of my other work. Bonus. I also scored a couple commissions, including one of the Fantastic Four’s resident badass, The Thing.

Here is the reference I was asked to follow:I was going to use this as a guide to create a version of The Thing in my “Muppet style,” where I haphazardly splash paint every which way until it looks like something. I began on Thanksgiving night, around 3am, after feeding the baby. So as not to wake her up (this kid NEVER sleeps as it is), I painted in pitch dark.

The ThingI hadn’t touched the painting again til yesterday morning, but obviously, it needed a lot of work. Maybe Muppet style would have worked if I tried in the daylight, but I was already sour on the idea.

The ThingThe predominantly green left side was an accident. (I used green in the dark cracks between the orange rock scales.) I decided that I liked the idea of Ben Grimm half-colored with some jade hues. Maybe a bright radioactive Hulk is alongside him.

The ThingMy initial pitch black layout was pretty close t the final product. I just moved the mouth up a smidge. The ThingFinis.


12 thoughts on “The Thing

    1. Sooooooo many orders came in. I filled out the ones I could meet, then freaked the eff out for 2 days. I got really paranoid over copyright abuses, trademark infringements and such, so I pulled everything. No one from the WWE legal team shut me down, and I wasn’t worried about them. I was sweating if any of the 1021 wrestlers tried taking a cut. I once received a cease and desist for trying to sell the Ultimate Warrior zombie portrait (search for it on this site), and those thoughts were dominating my mind. And that was just a crappy little $25 painting. (I really don’t think that C&D had ANY legs, but I’m not going to battle over a measly twenty-five bucks.) The difference between this and other “fan art,” is that this includes living, real people, a lot of whom have trademarked their names and such. I didn’t want to risk dealing with 1021 Ultimate Warriors and their paperwork.

      At the end of the day, I couldn’t sleep for shit, and it wasn’t worth it. I’m redesigning it to eliminate the WWF logo and anything else that I think may cause issues. It won’t be AS cool, but it’ll still be cool. I may not even bother at all, because just typing this is giving me a headache.

      Sorry. That was a long reply.

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