Bacon Cheese Burger (20×16)

Sometimes, I dream about finished paintings. Not like The Mona Lisa, but paintings that don’t exist.I wake up, and I rack my brain, trying to remember what I saw in my sleep. I’ll jot down notes, or doodles to help me remember the gist. This painting I completed the other night is one of those.

BaconChzBurgr bcb1 bcb2 bcb3 bcb4

I designed and cut a stencil with BACON CHEESE BURGER written across it.

I spray painted (with gold) a 20×16 canvas that had a sketch of Negaduck, the Darkwing Duck villain. I had planned on painting a series of Darkwing portraits last year, but only ever did Quackerjack.

When that dried, I applied red spray paint over the stencil.

Later that night, I squirt a couple dollops of acrylic paint over the “H” in “CHHESE.” I used a CD jewel case to pull the paint across the canvas. Done.


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