Badass New Jersey: Day 8

Day 8?!?

With the mainstream hullabaloo over the WWF poster, a baby allergic to sleep, and the obvious obligatory flu, I haven’t had time or energy to post Days 5, 6, 7. (They’re out there on Facebook and Tumblr, though!)

Here’s #8. Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Lives in Queens, but he’s a Jersey man.Spider-Man


4 thoughts on “Badass New Jersey: Day 8

    1. Thanks, Brian.

      We’re in a one-bedroom apartment for the time-being, but we’ll be in a proper space this time next year. I’ll definitely pot the photos of the Bean’s outrageously decorated room when they happen.

      In the meantime, she has acid reflux, never sleeps and as of 2 weeks ago, she’s already teething. (She’s 8 weeks now.) So she’s a crying MACHINE. That said, every single time she hears ANY SONG by Queen, she is OUT LIKE A LIGHT. “Radio Ga Ga” is her #1 jam. I fucking love this kid so much.

        1. My goal is to sell these NJ works! I’ve got high res scans of every Muppet I’ve painted, and who knows what my next thing will be. She’ll have plenty of random stuff to choose from when it comes to wall space.

          I’ve had to explain to my girly girly Movie Squirrel the merits of badass chicks like the X-Men ladies, Captain Marvel and the like so she doesn’t try and force this Disney princess shit down our baby’s throat.

          Funny you mention the wolverine because I described her early teething as Wolverine’s regenerative powers, circa 1978.

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