NJ Badasses: Days #3 and #4

I’m pooped.

Here’s Day #3, Aquaman.Aquaman The Boss!Each piece is painted on watercolor paper with color pencils used for the highlights/contour lines of the state, and measures in at a tidy 7.5″ x 11″.


That said, I think I may open this up to the rest of the Union. I get a feeling the folks of the boxier states are feeling depressed their home has such a generic shape, so I’d like to spruce it up for them. If you’d like to see another state featured in this series, drop a line in the comments.

And Day #4, the boss himself, the most badass and Jersey man of all-time: THE BOSS.


18 thoughts on “NJ Badasses: Days #3 and #4

    1. Thanks Robert! I need an iPhone first! I’m fighting the goof fight, holding out on that, because I’m on a computer alllllllllll day already. But Instagram and GPS are the two things that make me think some day soon, I’m going down for the count.

  1. I grew up watching re-runs of the 1960’s Aquaman cartoon. He’s always been one of my favorites. My state is shaped like a broken, upside down frying pan so it doesn’t lend itself to looking like a person of any sort.

        1. I meant the person commenting right before also said “my state” instead the name of the place. As if the government wasn’t already reading and zeroing in on all our locations.

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