A History of the WWF… Cubed

WWF HistoryIt took me about two years to complete this labor of love.* Because there are a lot of new people frequenting the site now, I’d like to re-share my maximum endeavor on a minimalist history of the World Wrestling Federation.

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The History of the WWF starts with the WWWF, the Worldwide Wrestling Federation, as it was initially known, way back in 1963. I chronicled every champion, in sequencial order, from Buddy Rogers’ inaugural run up to and including Chris Jericho’s unification of the WWF and WCW titles on December 9, 2001. (The crowning of the first undisputed champion seemed like a logical place to stop.)

I did the same for Intercontinental, Tag Team, European and Light Heavyweight championship histories, as well as Royal Rumble winners and the Pay-Per-View-era Kings of the Ring. (The WWF previously held a sometimes-annual – somannual? – King of the Ring tournament every year in the Providence, Rhode Island area in the mid-to-late 80s and as late as 1991. Those Kings were not counted toward the total (although I do have characters made for the Macho King, King Haku and “King” Harley Race.) ANytime a title was vacated or held up, a black silhouette appears among the characters that make up the classic 1980s-era WWF logo that the pandas stole.

Doink isn't even the biggest clown in this photo.
Doink isn’t even the biggest clown in this photo.

After the important wrasslers were incorporated, I went back to 1963 and added as many superstars I could find through my end date. Wrestlers who were exclusively jobbers, such as Barry O or Duane Gill, were not included, but glorified jobbers who could occasionally steal a win, like Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz and Gillberg, are absolutely a part of this poster.

The research was exhaustive. I fell down the rabbit hole of Wikipedia. A page on Ric Flair sent me to Dusty Rhodes to Dustin Rhodes to Shane Douglas to the 1991 Royal Rumble to every Royal Rumble to Rikishi. It was like that one Rev. Lovejoy sermon from an ancient Simpsons episode… which I guess is actually from The Bible. You know, begat begat begat… nothing? Go watch The Simpsons, you infidels.

TOP: c. 1994-95 tag champs MIDDLE: c. 1998 tag champs BOTTOM: c. 2001 tag champs
TOP: c. 1994-95 tag champs
MIDDLE: c. 1998 tag champs
BOTTOM: c. 2001 tag champs

There were countless YouTube videos I watched, paused and played again, so I could accurately detail each wrestler’s outfit. I did the same with old magazines, some of those awful pro-wrestling biographies (Mick Foley, Bret Hart, and Chris Jericho are the only ones who have gotten this right to date) and ultimately double-checked everything against The History of the WWE, a site that includes dates and cards for pretty much every WWF event ever.

The Allied Powers, Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam Bigelow from WrestleMania 11...
The Allied Powers, Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam Bigelow from WrestleMania 11…

Yes, I included the dates Wrestlers A, B, C, etc wore the outfits you see them in. Sick. In. The. Head.

In conclusion, Canadian Wolfman 4 life. He needs no wolfpack.

*I made additional changes after my initial post on this piece: adding a heading with the ring ropes (thanks, Jay!) and adjusting the blue background to a white-to-blue gradient. The title added another two inches to the total size, upping the poster to a whopping 40″ x 42″. Goodbye, photos of Grandma arriving at Ellis Island.


102 thoughts on “A History of the WWF… Cubed

    1. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. I have a Movie Squirrel who is dying to do a Shitfest (but she just doesn’t know it). We’re ready for the 3rd installment!

        1. Oh it’s done. She hates movies, but loves watching them. I’ve been collecting notes unbeknownst to her over the last week. Sometimes, its something we’re actually watching, other times, I slyly scoop her opinions with a, “Hey, did you ever see….” and then she goes off.

    1. Thanks, but you forgot machochistic, deranged, and a telltale sign of sociopathic behavior. But I’ll take the awesome!

      On that note, I have 2 similar projects in the works right now…

  1. Great work as many have said. Amazing eye for detail. Will this be available from purchase or are you prohibited from selling it?

      1. totally understand…unfortunately can’t commit that much wall real estate, but still excellent work, well done.

  2. I must buy this for my husband. We’ll have to sacrifice some pictures of our kids to make room, but I think it’s worth it. I’m guessing you’ll put it up on your Etsy site?

  3. “Wrestlers who were exclusively jobbers, such as Barry O or Duane Gill, were not included, but glorified jobbers who could occasionally steal a win, like Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz and Gillberg, are absolutely a part of this poster.”

    Duane Gill is Gillberg, fyi.

    1. Same person, totally different persona. Duane Gill was a jobber. Gillberg was something much different/better. Headbanger Thrasher was also a jobber as Glen Ruth. There is no Glen Ruth in the poster. Make sense?

  4. From one fanatic to another. Well done. I am actually nerdy enough to have been collecting a range of wrestling art for a couple of years now and would love to add this. I don’t care how big it is! Can we discuss buying a print or even just the hi-res files so that I can have it printed here in Chicago?

    This is great.

  5. Especially love going with WWF, instead of WWE (that never sat right with me). Can’t wait to get a chance to purchase, great work!

  6. A slew of comments. Thanks everyone, for taking a shine to this artistic manifestation of anti-social behavior. As of the time stamp on this comment, there are no prints available, but LIKE the MojosWork Facebook page and check back Friday for an update. Thanks!

  7. This is awesome, I’ve got to buy this ASAP. Two minor flaws though, not every wrestler has eyes & a face and you excluded the Women’s Division. Somehow forgot about The Fabulous Moolah’s epic 27 year reign as champion? Which is impossible this day and age, similar to Bruno Sammartino being champion for 7 years. CM Punk was the most recent over-a-year-long-reign as champion there’s been in a while.

  8. Quick question. What did you do for the one time The Rockers won the Tag Team Championship? They won it at a house show against the Hart Foundation in a match where the ropes were broken. The match was so terrible it was just ignored and the Hart Foundation just kept the titles like that match never happened. Technically the Rockers have never been champions, except for this one night after a really terrible match. I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for this in this masterpiece.

    1. There was more than one trouble point like that. Greg Valentine was erroneously awarded the title from Bob Backlund back in 1980 something, too. In each case, if the record books ignored it, I did too.

      1. I had to do a little research myself and I found out that The Rockers had actually defended the titles once after they won them as well. WWF decided to scrap both matches and just act like they never happened. It’s a shame that The Rockers never officially won a title and couldn’t be included in your work. Great work, that takes some severe dedication. The WWE needs to take a look at this and give you an honorary Slammy the next time they give them out.

        1. The Rockers DO make and appearance, just not as champions. If you find the gold Conquistadors (next to the all red Bolsheviks and tie dye Don Muraco), you’ll find the Rockers in purple tights.

  9. Above and beyond amazing! One small question, and I may be completely blind, but did you miss Brian Pillman? I can’t seem to find him. Even if you did, still an amazing job. Absotively amazing. Did I mention amazing?

    1. Sorry, but nothing is more amazing than a screenname called “Ricky Morton’s iPod.” Anyway, start at the bottom right of the “logo” and count up 5 wrestlers. That’s Pillman.

    1. So would everyone! And that’s what kills me. Currently these are not for sale until I have 110% confirmation that the WWE or any of the wrestlers won’t be trying to take my house in return. You can visit the MojosWork Facebook page to try and win one, though! 2 of the 3 comps are still available!

    1. Farooq’s name was so inconsistently spelled, I chose the single “a” over the double just because I didn’t trust myself to remember both of them every time.

      Good catch on 413’s date. Amazing how blatantly obvious things get missed when you stare at the same damn thing for hours and hours and hours.

    1. Sorry, boss. Your wall will remain naked and alone. These are currently not for sale. For updates and other art, stayed tuned at the MojosWork Facebook page.

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