COLLAGE: Universal Monsters – Bride of Frankenstein

How many of these can I bang out before Halloween? I’m guessing only one more. Something stupid will happen to knock me off my role, then I’ll forget about it, or lose all motivation.

How many other Universal Monsters are there? Dracula. Mummy. Wolfman. Creature from the Black Lagoon. Invisible Man? Does he count? Anyone else? I know I’m missing something.

Bride of Frankenstein, 24×24″; $300

Frankenstein’s biatch, like the man himself, is comprised of old Wizard magazines. Unlike her hubby, she’s also got some Script magazine in her. Bride of Frankenstein is $300, but for the set including the Frankenstein piece, I’ll part with them for $500.


6 thoughts on “COLLAGE: Universal Monsters – Bride of Frankenstein

  1. Yes, the Invisible Man counts. That’s the list of the more popular classic Universal monsters although you could add in the Phantom of the opera. The Chaney silent era version is way cooler than the Claude Rains version. Universal films made a number of other horror/monster films from the 30’s though the 50’s, but the ones you mentioned are the most notable.
    Here’s a bigger list in case you need that.

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